Sheepdog Dictionary 


  • Accidental Discharge– a condition where a gun is fired unintentionally as a result of negligence or faulty equipment 
  • Action- the movement of working parts in a firearm. Refers to firing a round, removing the spent casing, and inserting a live round into the chamber 
  • Adjustable sights- sights found on pistols, rifles, and shotguns that can be minuplated to change the point of impact based on the operators adjustments 
  • Ambi safety-amedextrious safety- an upgraded feature that allows the operator to control the safety using the left or right hand
  • Ammunition- an separate component of a firearm consisting of a casing, primer, gun powder, and a projectile 
  • AOW-Any Other Weapon- this is a designation found in the National Firearms Act to classify regulated weapons not specifically addresses in plain language
  • AOR- Area of responsibility– when working in teams this is the designated area a person controls to eliminate threats and identify hazards 
  • Appendix carry– wearing a holster on the front part of the waist typically inside the waistband 
  • Assault weapon- an arbitrary discription of a modern sporting rifle which is intended to project a negative opinion about the weapon 


  • Backup sights- mechanical sight quickly accessible if electronic sights fail
  • Ballistic gel– a gelatin formed into rectangles used as a target. Bullets are fired into the gel given the observer measureable performance of the projectile
  • Barrel- the part of a firearm the directs the gases and projectiles in an intended direction
  • Biometric- typically refers to the locking control on a safe. These controls unlock the device through reading the users finger print preloaded in the system
  • Bitter klinger-  a derogatory term meant to insult patriot Americans who hold Christian values and tradition culture
  • Black rifle- a term used to discribe modern sporting rifles. It’s a play on words used to demonstrate the ignorance of the antigun crowd
  • Bore snake– a piece of material roughly 3 feet long with a brass brush fixed on one end. Used to clean the barrel of a gun quickly 
  • Brady Bill- during the assassination attempt on president Reagan Jum Brady was struck and paralyzed. As a result he became an Antigun zealot and created this bill which massively limited law abiding citizens from their 2nd amendment rights
  • Breach- the location of a gun where the action meets the barrel. May also be referred to as chamber
  • Bug- typically refers to a small pistol carried on a persons ankle as a back up weapon 
  • Bullet-refers to the specific projectile that leaves the casing when the primer is struck
  • Bullet button- in states where detachable magazines are considered scary features this device lockes the magazine in the gun requiring the operator to use a tool to drop the magazine. 
  • Bullet drop compensator- magnified optics the predesignated marks in the redical represent points of reference for specific distances based on specific calibers of bullets and bullet weight


  • Casing– typically made from brass. This vessel is the structure that supports all components of a single round
  • CCW– Concealed Weapon Permit. A county issued government permit that allows an American citizen to carry a loaded pistol concealed on their body for self-defense
  • Chamber- the location in a gun hat house a single round of ammunition when the gun is ready to fire
  • Choke point– a physical condition in an environment that forces travel in a specific path
  • Clear-rooms- refers to the verification that no threat exist in a searched area
  • Clear-weapons- refers to the operator verifying the chamber of a weapon is empty and does not constrain spent or live ammunition 
  • Clip- a device designed to keep ammunition together which is located internally in the weapon
  • Cover– a physical barrier that will protect a person from a threat
  • Co-witness- having iron sights in alignment with red-dot sights to act as a back up feature when optics fail
  • Compensator- this device attaches to the end of a barrel. It redirects gases helping the shooter control muzzle flip caused by recoil
  • Concealment– not to be confused with cover. Concealments hides a person from view. It does not offer physical protection 
  • Cross draw– presentation of a firearm from a holster worn on the opposite side of the body from the hand deploying the weapon 

  • Defense- the reaction to or prevention of an attack
  • Deplorable– any red blooded American who cares about his  or her God, family, country and constitution 


  • EDC- Everyday Carry. This refers to the tools and equipment a sheepdog carries on a daily basis as a basic kit before ever leaving the house
  • Egress-any exit from a given location 
  • Ejector- the mechanical device that forces the spent casing from the breach when the action of a firearm is cycled
  • Electronic muffs– these are hearing protection earmuffs designed to allow the wearer to hear ambient noise but eliminates harmful noise
  • Extractor-this mechanical device catches the rim of a cartridge and pulled the shell from the chamber


  • Fatal funnel– a choke point that forces any person in that environment into an indefensible position 
  • Fiber optic sight- a mechanical sight that gathers ambient light to increase its visibility 
  • Firing pin- this mechanical part strikes the primer on the round detonating the gunpowder 
  • Flash suppressor– this device attached to the end of a barrel. It is designed to reduce the size and visibility of the fireball that exits a barrel when a gun is fired
  • Force multiplier- any advantage that can be exploited to exponential gain


  • Gadsden flag– symbolic flag introduced in early American politics that represents to a patriot Gods gifts and the inherent Rights given to man
  • GoBag-a bag specific to the owner with food, tools, medical supplies, weapons and other survival implements created and staged in case of natural or man made disasters
  • Gun belt-a sturdy belt designed to specifically carry the weight of a gun and other accessories


  • Hi Cap- refers to a magazine that can carry more than 10 rounds
  • Holographic sight- this sight uses battery or ambient light energy to project a aiming dot on a piece of glass which allows the shooter to quickly find targets
  • Holster– a device specifically designed to carry a gun. The most basic function is to protect the trigger from an accidental discharge


  • Index– the practice of placing the trigger finger down the frame of the gun until to shooter is ready to fire
  • Infowars– independent news channel considered by critics to be a conspiracy show. They use documents available in the public domain to prove their headlines. This is the red pill 
  • Iron sights- is a reference to traditional mechanical sights made from various metals that came be fixed or adjustable
  • IWB– Inside the Waistband- a type of holster made from various fabrics including leather, Kydex, or other unspecified materials. Designed for deep concealment this holster carries the gun on the inside waist of the users pants. 


  • J-frame– refers to a small frame revolver typically manufactured by Smith and Wesson


  • K-frame– refers to a medium frame revolver typically manufactured by Smith and Wesson


  • Length of pull-the distance on a long gun from the trigger to the end of the butt plate 
  • Loaded chamber indicators- an unnecessary feature which pertrides from the top of a pistol identifying there is a round in the chamber. It is a false since of security and is no replacement for safe gun handling practices 
  • Long gun- refers vaguely to a rifle or shotgun


  • Magazine- a device separate from a firearm that contains ammunition to be easily inserted and removed from the well of the gun
  • Mag block- a mechanical block inserted inside a magazine that restricts the amount of ammunition it can hold
  • Mag carrier- similar to a holster this accessory holds spare magazines. They come in various capacities and materials
  • Mag well- the opening on a gun designed to accept magazines 
  • Magnifier- an accessory that magnifies a fixed power sight. Many holographic sights work in conjunction with a magnication device
  • Mic– may refer to minutes in time or minutes of angle
  • Microstamping- refers to an unproven technology that places a very small imprint on the primer of a cartridge that specifically identifies the gun which fired the round. States including the People’s Republic of California have adopted this as law causing almost all gun manufacturers from selling firearms in the state
  • Mil Dot- predesignated measurements inside the field of view in a scope
  • Militia- a non-government group organized independently as a fighting force for local domestic security. 
  • MOA-Minute of Angle– refers to a specific measured distance for precision shooting
  • Modern musket- a term referring to AR style rifles paying homage to the origins of American battle rifles
  • Molan labe-come and take it
  • Muzzle discipline- when handling a firearm the operator must pay attention to never point his weapon at anything other than the enemy


  • NFA-National Firearms Act-signed in 1936 this law regulates sales and ownership of Short Barreled Shotguns, Rifles and Machineguns through the purchase of a $200 tax stamp
  • Night sights- mechanical or electronic sights that function in low or no light which allow the user to aim the firearm
  • Nitro solvent– used to remove carbon and dirt for the parts of a gun. Does not work as a lubricant 
  • Novak- style of rear sight which requires the gun to be cut specifically to fit the sight


  • OWB-Outside the Waistband– Holsters that mount to the outside of the wearers belt. They are typically less concealable than other options 
  • Over watch– a field of view that gives a person clear line of site I’ve a specific area


  • Picatinny rail– an attachment point for accessories and optics 
  • Point shooting– a style of speed shooting that relies on muscle memory developed by the shooter
  • Polished ramp-this custom modification removes burrs and imperfections from the ramp and increases reliable feeding of ammunition 
  • Presentation- the act of pulling a gun from a holster and pointing at a target
  • Press- I device used to manufacture ammunition. 
  • Progressive press- a device used to manufacture ammunition that operates multiple functions with a single lever


  • QRF-quick reaction force– a team quickly organized to assist other teams or people in distress


  • Ramp-the transitional area inside the action of a firearm that when a cartridge is stripped from the magazine directs the round into the chamber
  • Red Dot- a glass sight that houses a focused light identifying the point of impact 
  • Reflex site– this is a non magnified gun site that is used to quickly align with a target based on point shooting muscle memory
  • Rock chucker- a ammunition manufacturing press that works at a very basic level


  • SBR- Short Barreled Rifle- considered a scary feature by anti gun critics. A rifle with a barrel shorter then 16″ controlled by the National Firearms Act
  • SBS-Short Barreled Shotgun- a shotgun with a barrel shorter than 18.5″. Ownership is controlled by the National Firearms Act
  • Scary features- the features on a rifle, pistol, or shotgun that increase the performance, capacity and accuracy of a weapon 
  • Second Amendment- identified in the Bill of Rights it protects American citizens inherent right to own firearms for self-Defense and preservation of the American way of life
  • Sheepdog– any man or woman with a mindset that refuses to be a victim. A person of strong conviction and a willingness to defend any innocent person being victimized by any bad guy
  • Small of Back– wearing a gun concealed at or around the center of the back near the spine
  • Sling-single point- designed to carry the weight of a rifle or shotgun and attach the operator to the weapon. Single point slings connect to to the weapon using only one sling mount
  • Sling-2 point– designed to carry the weight of a rifle or shotgun and attach the operator to the weapon. Two point slings connect to to the weapon using only two sling mounts
  • Sling-3 point– designed to carry the weight of a rifle or shotgun and attach the operator to the weapon. Three point slings connect to to the weapon using only one sling mount
  • Squib- the condition in which a round is detonated but there is not enough pressure for the bullet to exit the barrel. The bullet blocks the barrel and contributes to a very dangerous condition
  • Suppressor- this noise reducing device is threaded onto the end of a adapted barrel significantly reducing the recoil, harmful noise, muzzle flash when a gun is fired
  • Sweep- carelessly pointing a firearm as the operator moves through an environment 


  • Terrorist-can be domestic or foreign, male or female, young or old with the motivation and ability to harm innocent people 
  • Transitional space– is a vulnerable area between separate environments. Ex. Exiting a car, or entering a building 
  • Tritium- radioactive fluid which glows in the dark used in night sights to increase visibility in low or no light
  • Tumbler- a device used in reloading ammunition that cleans spent brass to a shine using various media as an abrasive 



  • Variable power- refers to magnified optics which can be adjusted to higher or lower magnification  
  • Victim– anyone reacting to an ambush


  • White feather– Carlos Hathcock was a Vietnam era Marine sniper responsible for killing tons of commies




  • Zero- the process of aligning the sights of a weapon to the trajectory of the barrel to meet at a specific distance