Gun Free Zones: Enter at Your Own Risk

Recently I had to take my son to the Dr. That happens, he’s 4 years old. When I was walking up to the entrance of the hospital there was a large sticker on the front door that said,” No Guns, Knive or other Weapons”. That was alarming. Not only did they not want any member to carry a gun, they wanted you completely defenseless.

I walked past the front desk and there were 2 security guards. The first was an old man that wasn’t capable of feeding himself let alone defending a hospital. The other was a young man who was inexperienced and also incapable of defending anyone. Both guards were not armed. 
I did a quick look on the internet trying to find examples of violence at hospitals. The good news was there really were not any examples that I could find domestically. Now when I searched attacks at hospitals there were a number of events in Syria and Iraq. Thank God we don’t live there. 

The face of violence is changing and I do not like the idea of being in a large group of people unarmed with no armed security for minutes. That is a terrible idea. 

A year ago we were at a birthday party at a kids pizza place called,” Chucky Cheese”. When you walk up there is a no guns  sign on the front window. In the lobby there was a young employee stamping the hands of the guests. This was a security measure to ensure that you leave with the same kids you came with. 

Inside the resturant there is one entrance and exit. There are an assortment of video games and ticket machines for the kids. This is a great set up to protect children from being kidnapped. It makes a terrible environment for attacks. You are expected to be unarmed in a closed off room with 1 exit. 

A few years ago I took my wife to see a movie at a local theatre. There had been a recent movie theatre shooting in America and the businesses were reacting to them. In front of the theatre there was no sign saying you could not bring in an gun. When we entered and handed the ticket girl our tickets she asked my wife if she could search her purse.

I had my 1911 and extra magazines and the employee never searched me. I was only a couple feet from my wife. I sat through that movie upset about the experiance. The girl was not qualified to perform that function. There security measures were ineffective based on my ability to carry a full sized 1911 and 3 magazines undetected. What upset me most is if my wife had been carrying a gun the employee was not prepared for that situation and probably would have embarrassed her. 

My understanding of carrying weapons in gun free zones is this. First let me preface this by saying I am not a lawyer. Ask your local law enforcement if you have more specific questions. If it is private property you can carry if there are no signs. If there are signs that state you are not allowed to carry guns those are private property rules and not criminal. If you get caught carrying a gun on private property they can ask you to leave. Anything that you do beyond that is your responsibility.

Gun free zones such as federal buildings, schools, and court houses are always criminal if you carry a weapon. Keep a lockable safe in your car so you can safely lock the weapon up for these situations. 

You have an obligation to stay safe and protect your family. You have a responsibility to come home and provide for them. They need you. Don’t expect the police or security to be able to protect you. The police are there after the crime has already taken place. Prepare accordingly. 

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Risk to safety

Obligation to your family

Legal accountability 

Ignorance of the public


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