EDC Pistol for Cold Weather

Recently I was evaluating the way I carry in cold weather. I talked about the effectiveness of a revolver for EDC. The weather has progressively chilled where I live and it has led me to some critical thinking. I love carrying my Sig P238. It is my favorite carry gun because of its size and concealability. If you have been a gun enthusiest for any length of time you realize that not all guns fit every situation.

The weather does not get very cold where I live. The lowest we see here is about 30 degrees. The summer gets significantly hotter with highs in the 110’s. The biggest issue we encounter in my region is trying to conceal a gun effectively while many times only wearing a t-shirt. 

This winter I had realized that by habit I was carrying my gun under multiple layers. There are some considerations that need to be made based on weather conditions. The first consideration is the gun. In the past I only had the Smith and Wesson model 65 with Hogue grips and a Glock 23. Moving forward I bought my 1911 with checkered walnut grips. In the last couple of years I bought the Sig P238 and added it to my carry permit. 

This was the first year where I really needed to consider what I carried. The .380 I carry is very small and does have checkered grips. Under normal circumstances it is easy to get the weapon out and have a solid grip on it. This year it got cold. Cold for our standards anyway. I noticed that navigating through the layers of clothes to get to my gun was difficult and no longer smooth. Many time I would snag on clothes. If I wasn’t snagging on my clothes I would get the layers completely between my hand and the gun. 
This year I have intentionally decided to carry my Model 65 .357. This particular gun has rubber ergonomic grips. The importance of that is evident if you think about the conditions of winter. 
The cold and wet weather make specific features really desirable. My Smith and Wesson model 65 is my choice for cold wet weather because of the handguns I have it fits the bill. Choices are specific to the user and if you have something that works continue using that system. The Model 65 is a medium frame revolver. It is a stainless gun with rubber grips.It does not have any external controls excluding the cylinder release button. 
I have carried this gun for many other winters because I did not have many options. I now carry it because of the pistols I do own it checks all the boxes. In the winter you wear larger thicker clothes that more easily hide a weapon. This makes it easy to hide a large gun. It fits the hand fully. The rubber grips would still be functional in the rain. Handling a speed loader would be easier in cold weather because they are bulky. 
Dressing around the gun should always be a consideration regardless of the weather. In warm weather it is difficult to hide guns because the clothes we wear are smaller and thinner. In winter the problem is not hiding the gun. The problem is accessing the gun. Large jackets, thick shirts, and thermal underwear are all obstacles to safety and smoothly presenting the weapon. I have now begun only wearing one layer above my gun. I tuck all other layers between the gun and my body. This only requires me to swing my jacket out of the way. 
The lifestyle of wearing a gun is exactly that, a lifestyle. Dress appropriately to properly conceal your weapon. Do that in such a manner that does not restrict access. Choose a gun that is easy to handle with wet cold hands. Make considerations of spare ammunition. Where would you keep in that allows a for easily reloading your gun. If you have any practices that could help this community I would love to hear them. Please subscribe to our website to receive new articles and videos about this topic. Watch the video,” EDC Pistol for Cold Weather“.


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