Why You Should Buy Used Guns 

I was having breakfast with a friend after a morning at the range. We entered a conversation about the guns we want. More specifically the guns we want before our ridiculous state of California bans them. There is an unspoken rule here in California. If it is cool it will be banned. I was telling him I was looking for a semi-auto shotgun. I have a feeling that will be one of the next cool guns in the cross hairs of the commies.

As the conversation went on I said that I was looking for a Mossberg 930. He said he had one for sale. He went on to say that it had been on consignment at one of the local gun shops for a year and no one had purchased it. Who is ever really in the market for a Mossberg 930. I asked what he wanted for it. After quick deliberation he came back with $400.

At first I could not believe he would really part with that gun for such a great price. I thought that maybe the gun had some reliability problems. That is common with semi-auto shotguns with low recoil ammunition. They retail for around $650 and MSRP is more than that. He explained that the gun had some wear on it and he had shot it a number of times. It did not bother me that the gun was worn. I plan on this being a working gun anyway. A couple days later we met at the gun shop and started the paper work. At the time I did the video I had not fired the 930. I put around 50 low base shells through it without a failure. That gun empties quick.

This experience led me to this thought. You should buy used guns. I have bought a number of guns from the used market and have had great success. In the 90’s I bought a used 10/22 for $100.That gun has been incredible. I bought my .357 from my brother for $500. I shoot more accurately with that than any other gun I own. My 1911 I bought from a seller on Gunbroker for $600.

Many times people sell guns because they don’t operate well for them, they don’t fit right, or financial hardships. Regardless of the reason these factors create a rich market of quality guns below market value. A good friend of mine purchased a S&W Shield. They are popular in California because the selection of handguns is very limited. He bought the gun for around $500 out the door. After 1 box of ammunition he decided he did not like the gun. He is a large person and it did not fit his hand well. He can only sell that gun for around $400 on the used market. It is hardly used but that is the market. So he will loose $100 instantly and someone else will own a perfectly new gun for $100 less than retail.

If a person has enough patience they can achieve some really great bargains. Another friend of mine bought a North American Arms .22 for $65. How cool is that. I am not in the place in life that I can collect relics. My brother has a awesome collection of WW2 era rifles. I am still trying to collect the practical guns I think this state will try and ban.

If there is a gun that you have had your eye on don’t wait too long. I did and now I am not sure if I will ever have the opportunity to own an AK47. In the used market you can pick one up for around $500. Well my state banned them before I could get one. I am out of luck until this state gets their wits about them again.  Use good judgement when you choose used guns. Do good research before you pull the trigger.

I bought a Walther P22 Target brand new. It was an awesome looking gun. OG green with a compensated barrel. I would have at least 1 failure every magazine. It did not matter what ammunition I put in it. It was just a unreliable gun. I think it is irresponsible to own a gun that does not function. With that said the person I sold the gun to knows that these guns are finicky. He owns 2 of them and knew exactly what he was buying. I was’nt selling a dud to a person that expected something different. I was honest about the problems I had.

Purchasing used guns can be a great experience. If you buy from Gunbroker it can take nearly a month before you even touch your gun. I have saved hundreds of dollars buying used. If you have any questions or comments please ask. Sign up to follow our site and receive emails when I release new articles. Thanks for reading the article. Follow the link to see the video,” Why You Should Buy Used Guns“.


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