Revolvers for EDC

Recently a viewer named Twitch asked my opinion about revolvers for every day carry. I took a little time to develop my thoughts and created a video where I discuss the limitations and advantages. 

The is one factor when choosing a defensive handgun that is critical above all other features. Reliability. Above all else this to me is the most important factor when determining what type of weapon you will carry. If the gun is not 100% reliable I would not carry it. 

I inherited a very small .22 caliber double action revolver. It’s small and concealable. It’s low recoil and fits small hands. It has all the features of a great carry gun. The problem with that gun is reliability. 

The first time I shot it I loaded 6 rounds from a box of 25 year old ammunition that was given to me with the gun. From those 6 rounds it only went bang twice. I’m not sure if it was a bad gun or bad ammo but either I’m not trusting my health to that gun. 

A few years ago I received a decent wad of cash for my birthday. I walked into a local gun store looking for a $200 treasure. I walked out 10 long days later with a .38 special Cobra derringer. It’s a rad little gun. It’s a novelty I had always wanted. 

I shot the Cobra around 100 times. For that little gun that’s a lot of rounds. It is a single action Pistol with a lot of recoil. It occasionally misfires. A feature that is distinct to this gun is accuracy. It is not accurate. If you aim at the center of the silhouette depending on which barrel fires you could hit either the head or chest. 

I do had it on my carry permit and I have carried it in the real world. I often say if I had to use it in self-defense I would probably just punch someone with it. The derringer is not a great option for self defense. 

I have a model 65 .357magnum I am very comfortable with. I shoot great with it. Reliability is not a concern and I shoot more accurately with this handgun than any other I own. I have friends who carry smaller framed revolvers all of which are great weapons. 

The model 60 is a great 5 shot .357. My buddy carries his in his front pocket. Another friend has an SP101. He bought the hammerless version and furnished it with Hogue grips. Another friend has a LCR in .38 special. These are all great guns that I would carry as a reliable and effective concealable handgun. 

I do believe that revolvers are a good idea for concealed carry weapons. I do not believe they are a good fit for everyone. There are some limitations that the shooter should consider. First capacity. Most revolvers are 5 or 6 shot cylinders. Carry at least one speed loader preferably more. 

The last thing I am going to mention is a training issue. You should only shoot revolvers double action only. If you pull the hammer back every time you shout these guns you are creating muscle memory that is going to haunt you. You should get used to working through the action on every shot. 

Thank you for reading this article. Watch the video where I explain my opinions about revolvers for every day carry.  Like and subscribe to our blog. I would love to grow this community and conversation. 


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