Sheepdog Dictionary article

I was at a dinner party for my wife’s office. I was talking to a co-worker of hers. We had met before but only briefly. At the beginning of the conversation we exchanged niceties and general small talk. After a couple of minutes he asked what I do. I thought to myself for a second and then explained I’m a sheepdog. 

Now I wasn’t so lame I called myself a sheepdog outright. I explained that I had a passion for self-defense and self-protection. He was intrigued. The body language he offered gave me the ques that he was actually interested. I gave him an elevator speech about my background and interests. That conversation led me to a couple of different thoughts.

The first is the language barrier. We both speak English but are communicating with a completely different language. I speak the language of a military veteran, a gun owner, a martial artist, and confident man. People like us have a different way we communicate. We have a language all our own. Other industries and lifestyles have the same distinct languages that create their culture. 

Years ago I worked in a construction shop with various personalities and interests. One of my favorite people in the shop had been a professional motocross rider 20 years ago. I used to listen to his conversations and the words were undistinguishable except for the occasional,”Moto” would slip out. I would make fun of him by finishing ever sentence with,” Moto”. 

Well he did not miss the opportunity to get me back. Soon everything I owned at work was labeled,” Tactical”. He wrote it everywhere. It was pretty funny. I now have the worlds only Igloo brand,”tactical Lunchbox”. I know that people like us speak our own language. I say us because if you are reading this you are probobly a lot like me. That thought brought me to the realization that we need a reference for this language. We need a place to document the language we use and what the words mean.

I thought of the term Sheepdog Dictionary as a way to illustrate the culture that has now become the heart of American patriotism. This will be a ever evolving reference for people to learn more about this society and to help teach people who are interested in learning. I am not claiming to know everything about the self-defense and self-protection culture. This is a conversation. If I get something wrong or you would like to add to the dialog by all means speak up. Follow the link to the Sheepdog Dictionary.

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