Minimalist Holsters and Off Body Carry

I created an article and video called,”Choosing the Right Holster”. I had comment from a viewer that mentioned the small Kydex holster that came with my little Sig P238 was actually modeled from the Raven Concealment line of holsters. I don’t claim to have all the answers so I watched a number of videos to educate myself about this product.There were some very specific trends I saw when I understood what the fans of those holsters liked about them. It also made me think about very serious limitations. 

The Raven Concealment Vanguard is a minimalist line of holsters that does have a following. After looking at that design I understood what Sig was trying to accomplish with my factory holster. Raven made the Vanguard, the Vanguard 2 and the Vanguard 2 advanced. Each are a little more improved with each version. These holsters are very small. They only cover the trigger guard and no other part of the gun. There is no barrier between the body and the weapon. 
When I mentioned the Sig holster that came with my P238 I knew it as a neck holster. I made the assumption based on the knowledge I have of neck knives. When I first received the gun I tried a number of different methods to use that holster and could not find any method I believed was relevant. assuming it was a neck holster the whole set up looked like a bad idea.
After learning more about minimalist holsters I still have the same opinion about my holster. The Vanguard line of holsters comes with belt clips. This allows the users to wear them as a very small inside the waist band rig. I can see the attraction. With an IWB application I understand why the fans of these holsters enjoy them and use them. The factory Sig holster does not come with a belt clip. This means that the user either wears it as a weird on body set up or they use it as a off body holster.
Since the holster I have would never be practical on the body its natural use would be off body carry tied to a car or in a bag. The most likely place a gun will be stolen is in a car. Placed in a bag the gun is not as readily available as option for the body. 
This leads me to my next point. Off body carry is a bad idea. I know that woman consider carrying their weapons in their purse. I know that some men carry weapons in a go bag or a satchel, “man purse”. This is a terrible idea. I have stated before that any primary weapon whether it is a knife or a gun should be carried on the body near the waist. My opinion is not changing on this. Secondary weapons could be carried in alternative positions but they need to be accessible to be useful. 
Off body carry has too many limitations for me to be considered useful. The first and most important consideration is safety. Woman that keep loaded weapons in their purse or men that keep loaded weapons in a go bag need to seriously consider the liability they create. I would never let my wife carry a loaded weapon in her purse. The ability for a child to access the gun is much greater than the benefits. 
I have never been in a gun fight. I have explained this before. But with the information age we have the ability to see how violent encounters develop from the safety of our phones. The most important consideration to understand about the thousands of hours of footage taken from real attacks. They are insanely quick. 

Typically the encounter begins and ends within 10-15 seconds. The victim is typically ambushed and is reacting to the threat. That is a horrible disadvantage to defend from. If your gun is in a bag how fast can a person really respond. The encounter will have ended and the damage done within the amount of time it would take to access a gun anywhere other then on you. 
Every person has an obligation to return home to their family. Not every encounter will be will work out. You can’t win every fight. Set yourself up to have the best odds in the worst circumstances. If you have any opinions about this post I would love to hear them. Sign up with your email to receive new articles and videos from us. Watch the video,” Minimalist Holsters and Off Body Carry“. I appreciate you reading this and supporting our site. Thanks 


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