AlexaPure Breeze Review

Living in an old house brings problems. We have been in this home for a year and a half. We’ve had our share of plumbing issues that you can anticipate. What we did not anticipate was a persistent cough. We live in an area of California that has poor air quality. We have giant redwoods in front of our house. These trees are not only home to a lot of pests but also to dust. Watching our kids suffer from seasonal allergies was difficult. Everybody in the family was constantly clearing their throats. Every night we could hear them cough through the scratchy speaker of the baby monitor. We decided to purchase an air purifier.

Making the choice on which one to purchase was not difficult. The Alexapure Breeze an amazing appliance. I ordered the machine and within a few days it arrived. The packaging was solid. The factory box was of high quality and the packing materials kept the device in perfect shape. I created a 5 minute video detailing when I unboxed the Alexapure Breeze and it initial set up.

This is day 2 of having the air purifier and I am very happy. Last night both of our kids slept through the night without any interruptions. My wife and I were not woken from their coughs over the baby monitor. The kids started their morning with more energy and the house has a fresh smell.

Our house is 2,400 sqft. They suggest it will clean 800 sqft. I am not going to buy 4 of them, but I absolutely will buy a second one. The appliance is good looking. It is not something I feel like I need to hide behind furniture. It has a built in air quality sensor. The different color LED on the front tells you what the quality of the air is in that room. Red would be bad and blue would be good. It will display pinks and purples as well. The controls are pretty straightforward. There is a timer that turns the device off after a specified time and silent mode for people with sensitive hearing.

I am absolutely glad I made the purchase and I can’t wait to buy the next one. The people who have come to our house the last couple of days have complemented its appearance. I am thoroughly impressed with how quickly it cycled the air in our house. If you have any questions or comments please leave them in the comments section of the page. Please sign up to receive emails with new articles and videos that I post. I will not send spam. Thank you for reading this review. Don’t forget to check out other articles and videos on Ordinary Problem.

If you would like to see more information about this amazing air purifier please use the affiliate links below.

Alexapure Breeze
Replacement Filters


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