Everyday Carry Pocket Flashlight

I have not always carried a pocket flashlight. For years I relied on my phone for light. When I was not using my phone for light I carried one in my tool belt at work. I realized that I was being naïve not having a specific flashlight that I carried daily. When I decided I needed a light I wanted something small. There has been an evolution from the first light I carried till now.

My first EDC pocket flashlight was a Browning Microblast. I still carry this light on a regular basis. I have it in my pocket while I am writing this article. This is a great little light. It runs on a single AAA battery. There are great advantage of this size battery. The most important to me is the cost. AAA batteries are cheap. The other advantage is those batteries are easy to find.

The Microblast has been 100% reliable which is an essential characteristic of any EDC piece of equipment. This is a 60 lumen light. It is not terribly bright. It is however very functional. The light is very convenient which is awesome. It is small enough that I want to carry it. There is no burden with something of this size.

The fact that the Browning Microblast was only 60 lumens I began to look for similar sized lights with enhanced features. I came across the Lumintop 110 lumen microlight. The features of this light are great. It has 3 brightness settings. It comes with 2 tail caps. One is a twist on the other is a push button. This light is also a single AAA battery light. I love the size of this variety of light. They are RAD!

There are a couple of disadvantages of this light. The first was the removable pocket clip. The clip came off easily. This has caused me to not want to carry this light anymore. I have no other choice then to put it in my pocket. I don’t want to fish if out of my pocket every time I need it. The second problem if the light works intermittently. I have replaced the battery each time it does this but the problem persists. That sucks cause I really like the light. If this were 100% reliable with a permanent pocket clip this would easily be my favorite light.

Last year I was given a J5 tactical pocket flashlight. It is a great light. It is focusable. A noticeable feature of the light is the crown. It is very aggressive and could be an effective weapon if needed. This J5 light is bright. The only downside of this light is its size. It is big for an EDC light. If this was stored in a GO bag or staged this light is ideal. It takes a single AA battery. It is not huge, just larger than I would like to carry in my pocket.

I have looked for the perfect light. I have not yet found it. I have considered starting my own line of EDC equipment based on the features I find important. I contacted a manufacturer and found a prototype for the Ordinary EDC flashlight. This is a large light. I did not anticipate the size when I ordered it.

This light is a flamethrower. 1000 lumens. It has 5 settings including strobe and SOS. The light comes with a rechargeable lithium battery and charger. The light will also accept CR123 batteries as well. I have carried this light for 2 months on a regular basis. Other than its size, it’s awesome. I am considering placing a large order with the manufacturer. If you are interested in this light let me know. I have had multiple people show their interest.

The thing about EDC equipment is it needs to be reliable and comfortable. If it is not comfortable you will not carry it. If it is not reliable I would not carry it. If you have opinions or practices that you would like to share please leave your comments. Sign up with your email to get notified of our latest articles and videos. Stay safe out there.


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