Every Day Carry

It’s completely normal to look to others for help. I recently found myself looking to a neighbor who is a firefighter for urgent medical needs. I didn’t know what to do. I needed help. We can prepare for challenges with a basic kit of everyday items that everyone should have. My video explains how I came to these decisions and the purpose. 

During my time in the military I experienced a number of situations that have caused me to be prepared. I was on a damage assessment team that would inspect routes after typhoons. I have been through around 10 typhoons plus or minus a couple. I have other experiences that shaped my opinions. 
The most important item I carry is a folding pocket knife. This is critical. I prefer a Fox DART as my current folding pocket knife. This is hands down the coolest knife I have owned. As I started carrying good quality knives there were features that’s began to stand out. My first really nice folding knife was a Benchmade Auto Striker. This was a great quality knife. The steal was strong and it kept an edge. I have owned 2. The first one I carried for 7 years and the second I carried about 4 years. 
As I began to learn martial arts I was introduced to the karambit. As a self defense knife they are incredible. I carried a Fox karambit 598. This was a very cool knife. The quality was on point. The problem was the size of the knife. It took up too much room in my pocket. I tried narrowing the blade so it was smaller while folded. That didn’t help. When they introduced the DART I couldn’t wait to buy one. 
I have carried the DART for a while now and I don’t think I will find another knife I prefer for a while. It is the fastest knife I have ever seen aside from a fixed blade. It’s narrow and fits in the pocket easily. It keeps an edge well. My only complaint is I’m not good at sharpening tanto blades.  
A flashlight is a very practical item to carry. They can be tiny keychain lights or larger pocket lights. Currently I carry a 1000 lumens light. I love how bright it is. Another nice feature is a rechargeable lithium battery. I prefer single AAA lights. For their size the can be super bright and easy to carry. I also like the idea of readily available batteries that are not expensive. 
A small handgun should be a part of your kit. I carry a Sig P238. I chose this gun based on a couple of factors. The first reason was I live in California so my options for small handguns are limited. Second is it’s a 1911 platform. I carry a full size 1911. I want my controls to be part of my muscle memory. By sticking with a consistent platform the mind will have less to think about in a crisis. I have a number of holsters but I mostly use a double clip inside the waistband. It’s the most practical and comfortable. 
Anytime you carry a gun you should carry extra ammunition. It should not matter whether your carrying a revolver or a semi-auto. You will never know how many rounds you will need and its impossible to know that magazines will function perfectly. 
The most important concept to understand about an every day carry kit is it needs to be comfortable. You will not want to carry if it’s not comfortable. Smaller is sometimes better. There is always the opportunity cost of small vs effectiveness. Start to carry. Develop what works for you. Sign up to receive other articles about this and other topics. Thank you. 


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