Hillcrest Train Ride 360 Camera


My family spent that day at a local attraction called Hillcrest Farms. They a

re just outside of Reedley California. This family has created one of the coolest small train rails I have

ever seen. They are continuing to expand and there is evidence of some very interesting features under construction. This venue is very popular in the holiday season. They have an amazing pumpkin patch in fall and vast tree farm for Christmas. We recently found that you can rent the train for birthday parties. What kid wouldn’t love that?

A good friend gave me a LG360 camera. I have been walking around with it for a couple of weeks. I took a 360 degree video of one of our train rides. You can take stills or video. It will record in 360 degrees or in standard formats. This is a versatile camera.  Enjoy the ride. If you would like to see the camera I am talking about follow the link at the bottom.

Link to the camera
LG G5 Friends 360 Cam


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