Mouse Massacre

We live in an older home in an established neighborhood with very large trees. Rats and mice that are a constant battle. We set traps in the attic and we monitor the dog and cat food for signs of intruders. We have a dog and cat. Tigger the Norwegian Forest cat is an effective hunter. Once a week we find feathers cast across our grass and we no that he had been hunting. On more than one occasion he brought his trophies into the house for us to see and show our appreciation for his work.



A new element has developed in our home. We have an 8 year old Silkie Yorkie named Dafney. She has always been proactive at chasing squirrels, stray cats, and birds from our backyard. Dafney and Tigger have now joined forces to create absolute destruction on the rat population of property. Tigger will catch them and bring them into the house. He then will let them go in front of Dafney and watch her chase them down and kill them.

Like I said this is recent. I knew that Yorkies were bred out of necessity to help with the mice infestation in the British industrial era. Now we see Yorkies as a compact dog carried in a purse. I am not a dog expert. I love Dafney for many reasons. She has been great with kids. She is the friendliest dog I have ever known. She is super intelligent. We enrolled her in 27 weeks of training when she was a puppy and she behaves exceptionally well.


She has proven herself to be an effective hunter. If you are considering getting a Yorkie understand that though they are pretty they are effective hunters. Our dog can get any squeaker out of any toy in 5 minutes. They love squeak toys. Now that she knows rats squeak she has a new hobby. I do not let her lick my hands or face anymore. Please leave questions or comments below.


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