DIY Cash Envelope

My wife and I have been Dave Ramsey fans for years. We watched the Financial Peace Home Edition and used a cash envelope system for years. The one that came with the kit fell apart after some time. We used a plastic expanding envelope system for a while until that too fell apart. I often joke to my wife when she wants to buy something that I can make it. This was no different. I decided to make a very cool new cash envelope system for my wife. I wanted something that would last.

Working with leather takes a little getting used to. If you buy thicker cuts of leather it make some aspects of the project more difficult. I used 8oz belly leather because it is cheap and available. There is a lot of variation in the texture and staining is not as consistent as other more expensive cuts of leather. Try to cut all the pieces from the same section of leather to maintain a consistent color when you stain. Below I will provide a list of the tools and material I used to make this project along with the links to Amazon for each item. I also created a step by step video that walks you through the whole process. If you have questions about this process or other projects you would like me to build please leave comments.



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